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The Association has set September 18-19, 2007 as the date for its Annual Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino. Check this site for more details as they become available.
Message from IALLA's President, Rachel Chavez (CA)


The International Association of Lemon Law Administrators (IALLA) is a forum of 15 state agencies pulling together with diverse approaches to strengthening protections for consumers experiencing chronic problems with their new vehicles. What could be better than that?
How about: Fifty government agencies pulling together.

Or even more. Representatives from Canada and Japan have attended past IALLA conferences, giving the lemon law issue some international flavor. Each of those conferences demonstrated the depth of vital information than can be drawn upon to refine arbitrations processes, firm up consumer laws and raise warning flags against protection pitfalls along the way.

In the weeks and months ahead, IALLA members will be working hard to invite other state and federal agencies into the fold. History has taught us that our organization is only as strong as the breadth of its membership. IALLA is already a respected resource for information on lemon law issues, but there are certainly other lemon law administrators out there who hold important keys that can be beneficial to our members.

And in the coming months, expect to see IALLA build the reputation it has as a “resource.” The Board’s Public Policy Committee is laying out plans to create a series of plain-language publications consumers can use to navigate the various lemon laws. These booklets will aim at clarifying what arbitrations are all about, so that consumers can be better prepared if they decide to pursue such a route to resolve disputes. Plans are also underway to compile meaningful lemon law-related statistics and to track significant lemon law legislation from around the country.

IALLA will also devote time to understanding lemon law issues surrounding recreational vehicles with the establishment of a Motor Home Initiative. This becomes an important step as more RV manufacturers consider participation in arbitrations programs nationwide.

If you are already an IALLA member, extend an invitation to lemon law advocates in other states. If you just came across this Web site in your search for information, contact one of our members and find out why your participation in this forum is so vital. The end results will certainly be better informed and better protected consumers.

Sincerely, Rachel Chavez. President
International Association of Lemon Law Administrators
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President, Rachel Chavez, California; Vice President Public Policy, Mark Giulietti, Connecticut; Vice President Corporate Relations and Membership, Bobbi Lum-Mew, Hawaii(Interim); Vice President Conference, Carol Roberts(Interim) ; Secretary, Bobbi Lum-Mew, Hawaii; Treasurer, Jan Smith, Florida; Executive Director, Carol Roberts

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